These are the conditions that you must meet once you have your visa.


If you leave New Zealand, your interim visa will expire.

No new visa applications

You can’t apply for another visa while in New Zealand on an interim visa.

If you want to apply for a different visa from the one you’ve already applied for, you can only apply for it:

  • after we’ve made a decision about the application we’ve accepted for processing
  • if you still hold a valid visa.

Work or Study

You can only work or study if allowed by the conditions of your interim visa.

Your interim visa conditions will depend on the kind of visa you had when you were granted your interim visa and the kind of visa you applied for.

Interim Visa Conditions

Visa expiry

You must leave New Zealand before your visa expires.

Your interim visa will expire:

  • if we approve your application and grant you a visa, or
  • 21 days after your application is declined, or withdrawn, or
  • after 6 months, if no decision has been made in 6 months.

If your visa expires and you are not granted an interim visa, you must leave New Zealand.

If your interim visa expires and you haven’t been granted a new visa, you must leave New Zealand