How to get a temporary visa decision reviewed

If we decline your application for a temporary visa to visit, work or study in New Zealand, in some circumstances you can ask us to reconsider our decision.

Before we consider your application again

If your application for a work, student or visitor visa was declined, you can only ask us to consider it again if:

  • you are in New Zealand when you make your request
  • you still hold a valid visa — this could be an Interim Visa, and
  • we receive your request no more than 14 calendar days after you received our decision to decline your visa.

Interim Visa

How to make a request

There is no application form and you cannot make your request on line.

When you ask us to reconsider our decision, send us:

  • a letter written in English, with your signature, that explains everything you want us to consider, and
  • any supporting evidence.

Also send us your:

  • passport or certificate of identity, and
  • credit card details to pay the fee, including the:
    • card number
    • expiry date of the card
    • name of the cardholder, and
    • signature of the cardholder.

Before you send us your request, check how much it costs, where to send it, and how long it will take. Search for 'Reconsideration of a declined visa'.

Fees, decision times and where to apply

How we process your request

We review your visa application and look at any further information you provide. The review is not done by the immigration officer who declined your application originally.

If our first decision was wrong we will grant you a visa. If our first decision was correct, you will not be granted a visa.

If your visa expires while you are waiting for a decision

Asking us to review our decision about a visa application does not stop your current visa expiring. You are breaking the law if you stay in New Zealand without a valid visa, but we will not deport you if we are still reviewing our decision about your application.

Deportation liability and appeal rights

If  we confirm our decision to decline your visa

You cannot ask us to consider our decision a second time.

If you have a valid visa you can submit an application for any visa that fits the purpose of your stay in New Zealand. If your visa has expired you must leave New Zealand.

If you do not leave New Zealand before your visa expires