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Working Holiday Scheme changes to help address labour shortages

Minister of Immigration announces Working Holiday Scheme changes to help address New Zealand's labour shortages.

4 April 2023
1 minute read

The Minister of Immigration announced today changes to the Spain Working Holiday Scheme (WHS), and changes for Working Holiday Scheme visa holders currently in New Zealand.

From 13 April, the Spain WHS annual quota will increase from 200 to 2,000 places, and Spain WHS visa holders will be able to work for the full 12-month duration of their visa (currently, visa holders must not work for more than 6 months in total and must not work for the same employer for more than 3 months).

There will also be a 6-month extension by special direction to WHS visa holders currently in New Zealand whose visa expires between 4 April and 30 September (inclusive). This change will help to address current workforce shortages, particularly in industries which traditionally employ open work visa holders such as tourism and hospitality.

Those eligible for the extension will also have any work restrictions removed, allowing them to work for any employer for the remaining duration of their visa.

More information on the announcement can be found on the Beehive website.
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