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Update to work rights for partners of a student

The Government has expanded eligibility for work visas for partners of some students studying towards a Green List occupation.

21 June 2024
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Partners of students studying level 7 or 8 qualifications specified on the Green List, can now apply for a work visa with open conditions.

We have updated the Green List with the main Bachelor degrees and Bachelor Honours qualifications that lead to registration for certain occupations. These are occupations that have registration as a requirement instead of New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) qualifications.

This means people with student visas studying for these registration qualifications can now support their partner's application for a Partner of a Student Work Visa.

Check the Green List appendix in the amendment circular for the eligible qualifications.

Amendment Circular 2024-14 PDF 283KB

For partners who are now eligible, their dependent school-aged children can be treated as domestic students. The children can apply for a Dependent Child Student Visa so they will not have to pay tuition fees to go to school. This currently applies to anyone with a Partner of a Student Work Visa.

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