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Update on 2021 Resident Visa prioritisation

We understand there are families desperate to reunite after COVID has kept them apart and how the decision to extend the 2021 Resident Visa processing timeframe from 12 to 18 months has impacted them.

18 November 2022
1 minute read

This week, we have established an email escalation process to prioritise 2021 Resident Visa applications from applicants who are currently separated from their offshore partners and dependent children.

There will be certain criteria that applicants need to meet to have their 2021 Resident Visa application prioritised under this process. For example, the offshore partner must have been in a relationship with the onshore partner prior to the COVID-related border restrictions.

If your 2021 Resident Visa application includes family members who are overseas, you can email us to request that your application is prioritised.

Unfortunately, we can only action any requests for prioritisation when the application reaches the ‘under assessment’ stage. That is because key checks including an identity check, character check and possible health check must be done before we can action any requests for urgent processing.

If you are eligible for priority processing but your application has not yet reached the ‘under assessment’ stage, you can still email us and your application will be allocated for assessment once it reaches the ‘under assessment’ stage.

Applicants can use the INZ Employment Visa Escalation process to request that their application is prioritised.

Employment Visa Escalation process