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Ukraine Resident Visa opens in March 2024

A new Ukraine Resident Visa allows people with a 2022 Special Ukraine Visa and their partners and children to live, work and study in New Zealand permanently.

11 March 2024
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Ukraine Resident Visa

The Ukraine Resident Visa is available to people who arrived on a 2022 Special Ukraine Visa.

This resident visa is opening on 16 March 2024 and will remain open for 2 years.

Applications must be made on or before 16 March 2026.


To be eligible for this visa, the principal visa applicant must have arrived in New Zealand on a 2022 Special Ukraine Visa on or before 15 March 2024.

The applicant can add their partner and dependent children to their visa application.

All applicants must meet standard character and identity requirements and provide a Limited Medical Certificate and chest X-ray certificate.

However, applicants do not need to do an English language test as part of their application.

Ukraine Resident Visa

2022 Special Ukraine Visa expressions of interest

The 2022 Special Ukraine Visa is a 2-year temporary visa for Ukrainians with family in New Zealand.

Expressions of interest (EOIs) from new applicants for this visa will close at midnight Friday, 15 March New Zealand Daylight Time (NZDT).

If you are in New Zealand on a 2022 Special Ukraine Visa, you can continue to:

  • apply for further 2022 Special Ukraine Visas while you shelter in New Zealand or
  • wait for the outcome of your Ukraine Resident Visa application.

Special Ukraine Visa