Recent Immigration phone scams

Information about immigration phone scams targeting visa holders in New Zealand.

13 November 2023
1 minute read

Immigration New Zealand is aware of recent targeted phone scams coming from various New Zealand mobile numbers.

One example of these scams states the call is coming from 'The Immigration Bureau' saying there is a 'serious problem with your visa'. The call then prompts recipients to press different numbers for English or Chinese services.

Please be aware that these are not genuine calls from Immigration New Zealand.

If you or someone you know receives this call or a similar one, report it to CERT NZ and do not engage further.

Reporting form for businesses and individuals — CERT NZ

If you are a visa holder and you receive a scam call, and you would like reassurance on your current visa situation, please call our Service Centre and they can discuss any visa matters with you directly.

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These sorts of calls are intended to identify people for further scams. In the future they may attempt to manipulate or trick people into giving away their personal details, financial details, or money.

You can learn more about scams and fraud on the Own Your Online website.

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