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Making it easier for RSE workers to send money home

A new system is now available to help workers in the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme send their earnings to their home countries.

19 March 2021
1 minute read

What has happened

It follows a successful pilot of the RSE Remittances and Superannuation project last year. Run by Immigration New Zealand and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and private financial services provider – Appello Services Limited – the project allowed participating RSE workers to make payments into superannuation schemes in their home countries, as well as send remittance payments home.

What was found

A review of the pilot found:

  • it met its targets
  • it was simple, secure and easy to use for both workers and employers
  • it allowed workers to send money home more cheaply than if they used traditional wire service providers.

What we are doing

As a result of these findings, it has been decided the scheme will be rolled out to all RSE workers in New Zealand. The new approach provides a safe and secure pathway for workers to make voluntary superannuation contributions and send money home in a way that is convenient and cheap. It is also compliant with New Zealand’s obligations under anti-money laundering laws.