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Licenced Immigration Advisor (LIA) funding pool is closing

The Government has decided the Licenced Immigration Advisor (LIA) funding pool has served its purpose and will close on 28 June 2024.

10 May 2024
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The LIA funding pool was a bespoke solution to provide access to immigration advice for the community affected by the March 15 mosque attacks.  

It has helped support considerable family reunification for the community, acknowledging the exceptional circumstances of many victims and their families. 

From November 2019 to February 2024, the LIA funding pool has supported 101 applications for ministerial intervention, resulting in residence being granted for 241 community members.  

The funding pool was always meant to be time-limited, and it has now served its original purpose, with most specific immigration needs of the community now met.  

Members of the affected community in need of immigration advice will need to use standard immigration channels going forward. 

The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) website has a visa process overview with links to help:

  • choose a New Zealand visa and compare visa options
  • prepare a visa application and check requirements
  • apply either online or using a paper form.

Visa process overview

Members of the affected community can still use LIAs if they need support with applications, but there will be no funding available for this.  

The INZ website has Information on finding someone who can give immigration advice.

Immigration advice for your visa application