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Franchisee accreditation category to be removed in June 2024

The franchisee accreditation category for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) will be disestablished on 16 June 2024.

16 May 2024
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The Minister of Immigration signalled in April that the franchisee accreditation category will be disestablished this year following Cabinet decisions. This is because there is no compelling evidence to suggest franchisee employers are more likely to be non-compliant and in need of additional accreditation requirements.

This change will come into effect from 16 June 2024.

Franchisee employers will instead be able to hold either standard, high-volume, or controlling third party employment accreditation, depending on their circumstances.

This change will reduce costs for franchisee employers and put them on an even footing with other businesses operating in the same industry.

Franchisee employers looking to apply for accreditation or who currently hold franchisee accreditation do not need to act now and will be able to apply for another accreditation type of their choosing after 16 June 2024. Applying before this date means applications will need to meet existing franchisee accreditation requirements.

If your franchisee accreditation expires before 16 June, contact our Customer Service Centre to discuss your options.

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If an accredited employer wishes to renew their accreditation, they should apply before the expiry of their current accreditation. In most cases interim accreditation will be granted if your renewal application is not decided before the expiry of your current accreditation. For more information about interim accreditations:

Renew your employer accreditation

Immigration New Zealand will contact employers who have a franchisee application currently in progress to discuss their circumstances.