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Escalation process for Israeli and Palestinian nationals

New Zealand is deeply distressed by the escalating crisis and loss of human life in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The Government is continuing to monitor the situation closely, along with our partners.

21 December 2023
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We understand the difficult situation this crisis is causing for many and have great sympathy for those separated from their loved ones during this stressful time.

Since the conflict between Israel and Hamas started, Immigration New Zealand has put in place processes to ensure consistency and priority allocation for any applications received for people living in these locations.

These processes include:

  • All visitor visa general applications from Palestinian and Israeli nationals are being processed in the same office. Applicants can request to have their application allocated urgently for assessment using our visa escalation process.
    Escalation for urgent applications
  • A mailbox has also been set up for applicants, who are seeking support through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT), to use to request prioritisation of applications.

We are also providing case-by-case advice and support to MFAT for New Zealand citizens and residents attempting to leave Gaza and travel to New Zealand.

We will continue to prioritise and process applications for people impacted by the conflict along with supporting MFAT.

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