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Changes to Work to Residence and occupations on the Green List

The Government is making changes to occupations eligible for Transport Sector Work to Residence and Green List Straight to Residence visas.

7 April 2024
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Work to Residence changes for bus and truck drivers

Bus and truck drivers who apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) on or after 7 April 2024 and those who start work as a bus or truck driver on an open work visa on or after 7 April 2024 will not be eligible to apply for a Transport Work to Residence visa.

Those who already hold an AEWV, those who have applied for an AEWV (and are later approved) and those on open work visas who have already started work, will still be eligible for a Transport Work to Residence visa.

Transport Work to Residence Visa work requirements and roles

Green List changes

On 8 April 2024, 6 roles will be added to the Green List, equating to 9 ANZSCO occupations:

  • Straight to Residence
    • Aviation Engineer (Avionics, Aeronautical, Aerospace Engineer)
    • Naval Architect (aka Marine Designer)
    • ICT Database and Systems Administrator
    • Mechanical Engineering Technician
    • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Work to Residence
    • Corrections Officer

Green List roles

The previously announced roles will not be added to the Green List:

  • Paving Plant Operator
  • Metal Fabricator
  • Pressure Welder
  • Welder
  • Fitter (General)
  • Fitter and Turner
  • Fitter-Welder
  • Metal Machinist (First Class)
  • Panel Beater
  • Vehicle Painter
  • Road Roller Operator

Construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement

Previous plans to add these 7 roles to the Construction and Infrastructure Sector Agreement will not progress:

  • Driller’s Assistant
  • Earthmoving Labourer
  • Earthmoving Plant Operator general
  • Linemarker
  • Machine Operators not elsewhere classified
  • Mechanic’s Assistant
  • Road Traffic Controller