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Changes to how INZ responds to false information

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has reviewed how false information is treated in the visa application process and changes come into effect on 25 September 2023.

1 September 2023
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New Zealand’s immigration system relies on applicants providing honest and complete information to demonstrate they meet the requirements to be granted a visa.

Changes from 25 September 2023

From 25 September INZ will:

  • begin using the Immigration Act for visa applications that include false or misleading information, or in which relevant information is withheld. These applications will not be declined before an immigration officer considers the circumstances of the application.
  • continue using immigration instructions related to character to assess whether applicants who have previously provided false information, and who are not granted a character wavier, should be declined.
  • clarify that there is no need for an immigration officer to establish a visa applicant acted deliberately and dishonestly before an application containing false information can be declined.
  • consider the visa applicant’s intentions and involvement with respect to the false information when deciding whether to grant a character waiver and a visa.

More information is available in our Policy Amendment Circular and Internal Administration Circular.