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Charges laid against fraudulent Immigration agent in Thailand

Charges have been laid against 2 visa agents in Thailand after Immigration New Zealand identified they were providing fake documents for visitor visa applicants.

15 April 2024
2 minute read

AEC Thai Development Co. Ltd, run by Jirasin Bunyasing, had been issuing false bank statements and employment letters for visitor visa applicants. Their primary focus was on rural workers.

INZ identified that there were more than 100 cases where visitors were intending to come to New Zealand and potentially work illegally in the horticulture and viticulture sectors.

Following the execution of a warrant search by the Royal Thai Police, Bunyasing made a full confession on video including demonstrating how they fraudulently altered documents.

The Royal Thai Police found evidence of a “large number” of fraudulent applications to Australia, the UK, and South Korea. The agent was charging THB 25,000 (NZD$1,140) for the fraudulent evidence, with no refund if they were declined.

The initial charges against Bunyasing and one of his employees were for fraudulent use of a computer.

Geoff Scott, National Manager for Risk and Verification, said this is a great example of international cooperation in the fight against people smuggling and visa fraud.

“This operation has assisted both New Zealand and Thailand in combating potential migrant exploitation, which could have occurred had these people travelled to New Zealand to work illegally.

“This helps set an example to other visa agents who believe they can get away with not following the rules and operating with impunity and anonymity,” Scott said.

“We can find out who they are and, working with law enforcement in New Zealand and internationally, ensure they face appropriate consequences.”

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