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E3.35 Further temporary visas

See also Immigration Act 2009 s 57(1), s351

  1. A temporary visa holder in New Zealand may apply for a further visa at any time before the current visa expires.
  2. An application for a visa must be made in the manner prescribed for the class or type of visa sought (see E4.50.1).
  3. Where an applicant has made a claim of workplace exploitation against him or herself, as defined in section 351 of the Immigration Act 2009 (see D7.45), or has had such a claim accepted as genuine by Immigration New Zealand, then in determining whether he or she is eligible for a further visa, immigration officers may disregard:
    1. any previous periods when the applicant had been working in breach of the conditions of his or her current or previous visa/s, and/or
    2. any previous periods of unlawfulness in the applicant’s immigration history during which he or she was employed and he or she has provided evidence of workplace exploitation in respect of that employer.

Effective 11/04/2016


E3.1 Grant of visa generally a matter of discretion

E3.5 Grant of visitor visa to travel to and be in New Zealand may be subject to payment of bond

E3.10 Currency of visas

E3.11 Transfer of temporary visas on expiry of passport

E3.15 Conditions to which holders of temporary entry class visas are subject

E3.20 Conditions of student visa, limited visa and interim visa for study purposes

E3.21 Further travel conditions

E3.25 Conditions of temporary entry class visas may be imposed, varied or waived

E3.26 Varying the conditions of temporary entry class visas

E3.27 Restricted temporary entry instructions: Varying the condition of a temporary entry class visa for a critical purpose (to 17/06/2020)

E3.30 Changing a temporary visa

E3.40 Cancellation of visas on triggering event

E3.45 Cancellation of visa for administrative error

E3.50 Grant of further visa where visa granted in error

E3.55 Cancellation of temporary entry class or transit visas

E3.60 Deportation liability of temporary entry class visa holder for cause

E3.65 Deportation liability if person unlawfully in New Zealand


E3.35 Further temporary visas (10/06/2013)

E3.35 Further temporary visas (29/11/2010)

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