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W2.15 Funds requirements

See also Immigration Act 2009 ss 48, 55

See also Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010 reg 10, 11, 12, schedule 1

  1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, applicants for work visas are required to provide:
    1. a proposed salary that an immigration officer considers sufficient to cover maintenance and accommodation; or
    2. a guarantee of maintenance and accommodation by their employer for the currency of the visa; or
    3. sufficient funds for maintenance and accommodation for the currency of the visa; or
    4. sponsorship by a relative or friend in New Zealand (see E6).
  2. Officers with schedule 2 delegations and above are authorised to waive the requirement for evidence of funds or sponsorship.

W2.15.1 Evidence of sufficient funds

Evidence of sufficient funds includes but is not limited to:

  • cash;
  • New Zealand bank accounts showing the current balance;
  • travellers' cheques;
  • bank drafts;
  • recognised credit cards with sufficient credit available;
  • for group visas, certification from a reputable travel agency.

W2.15.5 Sufficient funds for maternity health services

In addition to W2.15(a) pregnant applicants for a work visa who are due to give birth while in New Zealand must provide evidence that they:

  1. have funds of at least NZ$9,000 available to pay for maternity health services; or
  2. have sponsorship by a person, which meets generic sponsorship requirements set out at E6.5, to cover maternity health services; or
  3. are eligible for publicly-funded maternity health services.

Effective 21/11/2011


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W2.15 Funds requirements (29/11/2011)

W2.15 Funds requirements (07/11/2011)

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