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W2.30 Travel conditions on work visas

Immigration officers should refer to the subsections below when deciding what travel conditions to grant on work visas.

W2.30.1 Single journey work visas

  1. Single journey work visas and entry permission may be granted to working visitors who intend one visit to New Zealand.
  2. A single journey visa is normally current for travel within one month of the applicant's intended date of arrival, unless the immigration officer considers the applicant's circumstances warrant a longer or shorter period.

W2.30.5 Multiple journey work visas

  1. Multiple journey work visas and entry permission may be granted to frequent travellers if immigration officers are satisfied that:
    1. the applicant's passport is valid for a sufficient period; and
    2. the applicant has not breached the conditions of their visa (or permit granted under the Immigration Act 1987) on any previous visit.
  2. Multiple journey visas may be current for travel for a maximum of 5 years, depending on how long the employment offer or contract lasts.

Effective 17/11/2014


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W2.30 Work visas (24/03/2014)

W2.30 Work visas (29/11/2010)

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