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SM8.15 Evidence

  1. Principal applicants under the Skilled Migrant Category must submit their qualifications and provide an NZQA assessment (Pre Assessment Result (PAR), International Qualification Assessment (IQA) or Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR) (see SM8.20.1)) unless:
    1. their qualification(s) is included on the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment (see Appendix 3); or
    2. they have been awarded full or provisional registration by a New Zealand organisation authorised by law to give occupational registration, and registration involves an assessment that their overseas qualification(s) is comparable with a New Zealand qualification that is included in the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.
  2. If an NZQA assessment is required for an overseas qualification, a PAR is suitable for lodgement of an application under the Skilled Migrant Category, but a QAR or IQA will be required to determine whether a qualification (or group of qualifications) will qualify for points.
  3. Applicants with New Zealand qualifications should provide evidence of the level of that qualification by submitting a 'Qualification Overview' report with their qualification. This report can be obtained from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority website (
  4. In the case of a New Zealand qualification that is not included on the NZQF, a letter from the NZQA will be required to determine whether the qualification will qualify for points.
  5. In order for a qualification to qualify for points on the basis of full or provisional registration, the certificate of registration, or evidence of eligibility for registration subject only to an interview with a representative of the New Zealand Medical or Dental Council on arrival must also be provided (see SM10.10.1).

    Note: For medical practitioners, registration within a 'special purpose scope of practice' is not full or provisional registration for the purpose of a resident visa application or a work to residence class application.

  6. If a principal applicant is claiming points for a qualification on the basis of their occupational registration, the qualification(s) qualifies for the points identified for the comparable New Zealand qualification in the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment.
  7. Despite the fact that the List of Qualifications Exempt from Assessment provides that a specified qualification qualifies for certain points, an applicant or an immigration officer (by requesting the applicant to do so) may seek a IQA or QAR of any particular qualification. Where this occurs, the most recent NZQA assessment will prevail.

Effective 28/08/2017


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