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SM8.1 Aim and intent

  1. The aim of providing points for qualifications is to recognise the importance of qualifications as an indicator of ability to obtain skilled employment in New Zealand and to increase New Zealand's capability.
  2. Bonus points are available for time spent studying in New Zealand towards a recognised qualification and for obtaining recognised New Zealand qualifications to acknowledge that:
    1. time spent studying in New Zealand and completing recognised qualifications in New Zealand enhances settlement outcomes; and
    2. recognised qualifications gained in New Zealand will be recognised by, and are relevant to the needs of, New Zealand employers.

Effective 28/08/2017


SM8.5 Points for recognised qualifications

SM8.10 Recognition of qualifications

SM8.15 Evidence

SM8.20 NZQA involvement in the assessment of qualifications

SM8.25 Bonus points: New Zealand qualifications

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