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SM8.20 NZQA involvement in the assessment of qualifications

  1. If a NZQA assessment of qualification(s) is sought, the NZQA determines the level that the qualification(s) occupy on the NZQF, however, the points for which a particular qualification or group of qualifications qualifies is determined by INZ alone.
  2. Despite the fact that the NZQA may undertake its own verification of qualifications that are submitted to it for assessment, INZ alone determines whether an applicant genuinely holds the qualification(s) which may qualify for points.

SM8.20.1 NZQA Pre-Assessment Results (PARs), International Qualification Assessments (IQAs) and Qualifications Assessment Reports (QARs)

  1. The NZQA will provide Pre-Assessment Results (PARs), and International Qualification Assessments (IQAs) (formerly a Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR)).
  2. A Pre-Assessment Result is a report that compares an applicant's nominated qualification to a Level on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. It is made on the understanding that:
    1. a pre-assessment result is based solely on unverified information provided by the applicant on the application form; and
    2. no documentation is sighted; and
    3. only one overseas qualification is compared; and
    4. when an application for a resident visa is made, a full assessment (a IQA or QAR) will be required to determine whether a qualification (or group of qualifications) will qualify for points.
  3. An International Qualification Assessment (IQA) (formerly a Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR)):
    1. assesses an overseas qualification (or group of qualifications) by stating the learning outcomes of the closest New Zealand equivalent qualification; and
    2. states the New Zealand Qualifications Framework of New Zealand Quality Assured Qualifications level of that equivalent qualifications; and
    3. refers to any verification of the applicant's qualifications undertaken by the NZQA.

      Note: From 27 June 2008 the Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR) has been renamed 'International Qualification Assessment' (IQA). Both IQAs and QARs are acceptable as evidence to determine whether a qualification will qualify for points.

Effective 28/08/2017


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