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E11.30 Requirements for participants in approved work exchange schemes

  1. Participants in approved work exchange schemes may be granted work visas for the length of their exchange.
  2. All applicants for work exchange scheme visas must:
    1. meet the requirements under Generic Temporary Entry instructions for lodging an application for a temporary entry visa as set out at E4; and
    2. be bona fide applicants as set out at E5; and
    3. meet health and character requirements as set out at A4 and A5; and
    4. provide evidence of acceptance to an approved work exchange scheme from the scheme organiser; and
    5. provide evidence of medical and dental insurance cover for the length of the exchange; and
    6. provide evidence that they meet outward travel requirements.

      Note: Evidence of travel arrangements to leave New Zealand at the end of the intended stay is:

      - actual travel tickets (confirmed or open-dated) out of New Zealand to a destination to which the applicant has right of entry; or
      - a written guarantee from the New Zealand guarantor that they will ensure that participants (and any dependants) will have outward bookings at the end of their stay in New Zealand, regardless of whether they complete the full term of the exchange.

  3. If participants arrive in New Zealand without a work visa, immigration officers may grant a work visa for the maximum period of stay for their scheme, provided that:
    1. there are special reasons why they have not obtained a visa; and
    2. they meet the requirements set out at E11.30(b).

Effective 29/11/2010


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