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E11.25 Work Exchange Scheme Profile

Proposals made to INZ to establish an approved work exchange scheme must provide information under the following headings:

E11.25.1 Organisations and scheme guarantors

  1. State who is organising the exchange, and give brief details of:
    1. the New Zealand guarantor; and
    2. the overseas guarantor(s).
  2. State whether the New Zealand guarantor is prepared to accept the obligations described in E11.15.10., and if so, attach written evidence of this acceptance.

E11.25.5 Participating countries

List the countries from which applications for entry to New Zealand under the scheme are likely to be received, and advise whether the immigration authorities in these countries are prepared to grant reciprocal permission for New Zealanders to participate in the scheme.

E11.25.10 Eligible participants

  1. Describe the type of person who will be eligible to participate in the exchange and state any prerequisites that the person must meet.

    Example: Will all the participants be people who work in a specified occupational field or be people who are in a particular age group?

  2. Indicate whether or not participants may be accompanied by dependants.

E11.25.15 Accommodation

Give details of the accommodation arrangements intended for inbound participants and any accompanying dependents during their stay in New Zealand.

E11.25.20 Maintenance and employment

Give details of the arrangements intended for the remuneration of participants, and state whether they will be expected to make additional provision for their own maintenance (and, if applicable, the maintenance of dependants).

E11.25.25 Medical insurance

Give details of the medical insurance inbound participants will obtain (and details of medical insurance of any accompanying dependants).

E11.25.30 Length of the exchange

State the intended length of the exchange; and, if exchanges will be for varying periods, indicate the minimum and maximum terms likely to be offered to individual participants.

E11.25.35 Expected annual numbers

  1. Indicate the number of inbound foreign and outbound New Zealand participants likely to be accepted under the exchange each year.
  2. If a quota will apply, state how often it is to be reviewed.

E11.25.40 Travel arrangements

  1. Describe the travel arrangements to and from New Zealand to be made by or for inbound participants.
  2. If participants and accompanying dependants will not have fully paid travel tickets at the time of applying for visas, attach a guarantee of repatriation from the New Zealand guarantor as described in E11.55.

E11.25.45 Selection of participants

Describe how participants will be selected, and if an application form has been devised, attach a copy of the form to the proposal.

E11.25.50 Other information

Include any additional comments on the exchange scheme under this heading.

Effective 29/11/2010


E11.1 Objectives

E11.5 Classes of exchange scheme

E11.10 Approved work exchange schemes

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E11.20 Making a proposal to establish an approved work exchange scheme

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E11.35 Partners and dependent children of work exchange scheme participants

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E11.45 Approved student exchange schemes

E11.50 Making a proposal to establish an approved student exchange scheme

E11.55 Requirements for participants in approved student exchange schemes

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