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The Immigration New Zealand (INZ) Operational Manual contains the immigration instructions that people who want to come to New Zealand permanently or for a short time must follow. It includes the criteria that applicants must meet, the evidence they must produce to show that they meet the criteria, and the processes INZ follow to assess and verify applications. The Manual also contains information about INZ's work in protecting New Zealand's border and determining claims for refugee status.

By publishing the Operational Manual, INZ meets its requirements under section 25 of the Immigration Act 2009 to publish Government instructions on granting visas.

This Manual is not:

  • a step-by-step guide to work processes; or
  • a replacement for the legislation that governs INZ operations.

Read it in conjunction with the relevant provisions of the Immigration Act 2009, the Immigration Regulations 2010, and other applicable statutes.

How the Manual is organised

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Role of Immigration New Zealand

Manual updated on: 3 May 2024

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