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A1 Fairness and Natural Justice

A2 Travel documents

A3 Visa system

A4 Health Requirements

A5 Character requirements

A6 Fees and Immigration levy

A7 Privacy Act

A8 Official Information Act 1982

A9 Complaints against Immigration New Zealand

A10 The Privacy Commissioner - Role and powers

A11 Other Commissioners (including the Human Rights Commissioner and the Race Relations Conciliator) and the United Nations Human Rights Committee

A12 Forms and leaflets

A13 Documents submitted to support applications

A14 Interpreters

A15 Immigration Officer Warrants and Delegations

A16 General and Operational Instructions

A17 Status of children born in New Zealand on or after 1 January 2006

A18 Immigration adviser acting on behalf of an applicant

A19 Determination that classified information relates to matters of security or criminal conduct and may be relied on in decision-making

A20 New Zealand citizens and endorsements

A21 Automated electronic decision making

A22 Biometric information

A23 Grant of a visa in a special case under section 61

A24 Considering false, misleading or withheld information under Section 58

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