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WI7.25 Making an application

  1. Applications for the Victims of Family Violence work visa must be made in the prescribed manner (see E4.50).
  2. Applicants are exempt from the requirement to pay an application fee, the Immigration Levy and the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy.
  3. An appropriately delegated immigration officer may waive the normal funds (W2.15) and outward travel (W2.20) requirements for work visas.

Effective 28/02/2023


WI7.1 Who is eligible for a special work visa

WI7.5 Evidence of family violence

WI7.10 Persons competent to make a statutory declaration that family violence has occurred

WI7.15 Evidence that the principal applicant has been in a partnership with a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder

WI7.20 Evidence of living in a family relationship with the perpetrator of family violence

WI7.30 Determination of applications

WI7.35 Currency and conditions


WI7.25 Making an application (29/11/2010)

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