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V2.25 Onward travel requirements

See also Immigration (Visa, Entry, Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010, reg 10, 11

Applicants for a visitor visa are required to have the means to leave New Zealand.

V2.25.1 Evidence of means to leave New Zealand

  1. Evidence of onward travel arrangements includes but is not limited to:
    1. actual travel tickets (confirmed or open-dated) out of New Zealand to a country which the person has right of entry to;
    2. (only for applicants on arrival in New Zealand) a visitor visa endorsed to show that the onward travel requirement has been met or waived;
    3. written confirmation from an airline or travel agency that onward travel has been booked and paid for;
    4. a letter guaranteeing that onward travel will be arranged from the applicant’s employer or home government, if they are travelling on business;
    5. travel arrangements to be confirmed subject to payment, provided the applicant has sufficient funds to confirm the arrangements.
  2. Sponsored applicants must provide a Sponsorship Form for Temporary Entry (INZ 1025) completed by their sponsor.
  3. Evidence of onward travel is not required if the applicant is applying on the basis being the partner or dependent child of:
    1. a work visa holder whose income is sufficient to purchase outward travel to a country which the person has right of entry to; or
    2. a student visa holder where the student holds a scholarship that guarantees onward travel for the family of the student.

Effective 25/08/2014


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V2.25 Onward travel requirements (29/11/2010)

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