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How we collect and use information about people flying in and out of NZ

INZ manages border risks by collecting information about foreign nationals who fly here. You have the right to access your information and ask us to correct it.

Information we collect from airline passengers

There are 2 types of information Immigration New Zealand (INZ) collects:

Getting access to your APP and PNR data

You have the right to:

Request your personal information

Our privacy policy has more information about how to access or correct your personal information.


In some cases, it might not be possible or appropriate for us to correct your PNR data, so we may refer you to your travel agent or airline to have the information corrected by them.

APP information

Airlines must provide Advance Passenger Processing (APP) information about every passenger and crew member on their flights coming to or leaving New Zealand, even passengers who are only in transit. The information they collect ensures that passengers meet INZ's requirements for travelling to New Zealand, including your:

They collect this information when you check-in. We keep the data for 5 years and then archive it.

PNR data

Passenger Name Record (PNR) data includes information collected and generated by an airline or travel agent about your travel booking including your:

We keep PNR data for 3 years, unless it is needed for specific investigative purposes.

Airlines only provide PNR data that is specified in the Immigration (Carriers’ Information Obligations) Regulations 2010.

The airlines and New Zealand's border agencies (INZ, the New Zealand Customs Service and the Ministry of Primary Industries) have agreed a standard for the collection of PNR data that aligns with international conventions agreed by the airline industry.

When PNR data is collected

Airlines must provide PNR data at the following intervals before the scheduled departure of any flight to or from New Zealand:

We can ask for additional data at different time frames for specific investigative purposes.

How we use PNR data

We analyse PNR data as part of general border management. We check that all travellers have a lawful reason for coming here and identify people who:

Disclosure of passenger information

Where necessary, we disclose APP and PNR data to other government authorities in New Zealand and overseas, in particular to law enforcement agencies. Disclosure is carried out in accordance with the Immigration Act 2009 and Privacy Act 2020.

How we store APP and PNR data

Data is stored using modern security practices including strong data encryption and appropriate access controls.

We ensure that all data we collect, including an individual’s personal information, is collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with law, including the Immigration Act 2009, the Immigration (Carriers’ Information Obligations) Regulations 2010, and the Privacy Act 2020.

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