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SM6.50 Bonus points for employment outside the Auckland region

Current skilled employment or an offer of skilled employment outside the Auckland region qualifies for 30 points.

SM6.50.1 Definition: Employment outside the Auckland region

  1. Employment is outside the Auckland region if the principal applicant's entire or principal place of work is not within the territories covered by the Auckland Council.
  2. For the purposes of this provision ‘place of work’ is defined as a place (whether or not within or forming part of a building, structure or vehicle) where any person is to work, for the time being works, or customarily works, for gain and reward; and includes a place, or part of a place, (not being domestic accommodation provided for the employee):
    1. where the employee comes or may come to eat, rest or get first aid or pay; or
    2. where the employee comes or may come as part of the employee’s duties to report in or out, get instructions, or deliver goods or vehicles; or
    3. through which the employee may or must pass to reach a place of work.

Effective 28/08/2017


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