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SM6.1 Aim and intent

  1. The aim of providing points for skilled employment is:
    1. to facilitate access by New Zealand employers and industry to global skills and knowledge; and
    2. to recognise that people who have skilled employment in New Zealand are well positioned to meet New Zealand's needs and opportunities and more quickly achieve positive settlement outcomes.
  2. Bonus points are available:
    1. for employment in areas of absolute skills shortage, to recognise that New Zealand’s short and longer term economic development can be facilitated by migrants with skills that will contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth
    2. for employment outside the Auckland region, to enhance the ability of other regions to utilise immigration to support regional development
    3. for high remuneration, to recognise remuneration as an indicator of skills in demand in New Zealand.

Note: The aim of providing points for skilled employment is not met by a person undertaking employment in their own business rather than for a third party. People wishing to obtain residence by establishing and operating their own business in New Zealand should apply under the Business categories.

Effective 28/08/2017


SM6.5 Points for skilled employment

SM6.10 Skilled Employment

SM6.15 Relevance of qualification(s) to employment

SM6.20 Calculating remuneration

SM6.30 Additional requirements for skilled employment

SM6.35 Requirements for employers

SM6.40 Bonus points for employment in an area of absolute skills shortage

SM6.50 Bonus points for employment outside the Auckland region

SM6.60 Bonus points for high remuneration

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