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United Kingdom Exceptions (10/12/2012)

The trade qualifications in Table A qualify for the points indicated where:

  • the qualification is awarded by the City & Guilds of London Institute in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales; and
  • the qualification is relevant to an occupation in Part B of the List of Skilled Occupations at Appendix 6; and
  • the applicant provides evidence of completing a time-based apprenticeship which is included in Table B; and
  • the time-based apprenticeship is in an occupation that is relevant to the awarded qualification’s major subject area.

City & Guilds of London Institute Craft Qualifications

Table A


Awarded from

Level in NZ terms

Points under SMC

The Part Two Certificate in (speciality will be named) Craft Studies

1990 - 2004



(Name of speciality) Craft Studies Part 2

1990 - 2004



If an applicant believes their qualification may be higher than the level stated they should apply to the NZQA for an International Qualification Assessment.

Note: Award certificates must be provided in their original language for all qualifications.

If any courses leading to the award of one of the qualifications listed in Table A above were taken outside of the United Kingdom, including courses which have been cross-credited towards the listed qualifications please refer to the NZQA for an International Qualification Assessment.

All qualifications awarded after 2012 should be referred to NZQA for an International Qualification Assessment.

Table B

List of time-based apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Completion Diploma

Certificate of Apprenticeship

Certificate of Completion of Apprenticeship

Completion of Apprenticeship Agreement

Completion of Craft Apprenticeship

Contract of Apprenticeship

Craftsman’s (Craftsman) Certificate

Deed of Apprenticeship

Indenture of Apprenticeship

National Craftsman’s Certificate

Effective 10/12/2012


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