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A4.1 Objective

The objectives of Health instructions are to:

  1. protect public health in New Zealand; and
  2. ensure that people entering New Zealand do not impose excessive costs and demands on New Zealand's health and special education services; and
  3. where applicable, ensure that applicants for entry to New Zealand are able to undertake the functions for which they have been granted entry.

Effective 29/11/2010


A4.5 Overview of health instructions

A4.10 Acceptable standard of health (applicants for residence)

A4.15 Acceptable standard of health (applicants for temporary entry class visas)

A4.20 Medical and Chest X-ray Certificates: residence class visa applications

A4.25 Medical and Chest X-ray Certificates: temporary entry class visa applications

A4.30 Completion of medical certificates

A4.40 Seeking comment concerning health assessments

A4.45 Second opinion assessments by Immigration New Zealand medical assessors (residence applications)

A4.50 Second opinion assessments by Ministry of Education (residence class visa applications)

A4.55 Deferral of decisions on residence applications pending treatment for medical conditions

A4.60 Medical waivers (applicants for residence class visas)

A4.65 Medical waivers (applicants for temporary entry class visas)

A4.70 Determination of whether a medical waiver should be granted (residence and temporary entry)

A4.74 Health requirements for mandated refugees and Refugee Quota Family Reunification Category applicants

A4.75 Exception to health requirements instructions for people entering New Zealand for medical treatment

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