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A2.20 When acceptable travel documents are not available

The Minister of Immigration has approved two forms to be used when an acceptable passport or certificate of identity is not available.

A2.20.1 Visa form

  1. The visa form is rarely ever used and must be used only when the applicant is believed to hold an acceptable travel document which is not available to the immigration officer.
  2. It must not be used for granting visas to applicants who are in New Zealand and is only acceptable for travel to New Zealand when accompanied by an acceptable passport or certificate of identity.

A2.20.5 Certificate of identity form

  1. The certificate of identity form must be used only when a person does not have any other acceptable form of travel document available, but is to be granted permission to be in New Zealand. This does not include persons who are able to obtain a passport from their own country of citizenship no matter how long or difficult it may be to do so.
  2. Visas to stay in New Zealand may be endorsed in this form, and it is valid only for use in New Zealand.
  3. Resident visas endorsed in a certificate of identity must not allow travel.
  4. Permanent resident visas may be endorsed in a certificate of identity, however the holder of the document should be advised that the document can not be used for travel out of New Zealand.
  5. Resident visas and permanent resident visas may be endorsed in a Document of National Identity (DONI) Certificate of Identity as issued by the Department of Internal Affairs.

    Examples: Customs staff use the INZ Certificate of Identity form for seamen coming ashore in an emergency, whose documents are either unavailable or unacceptable as certificates of identity. Immigration officers use the INZ Certificate of Identity form:

    (i) in cases involving refugees who have not been granted a refugee document; or
    (ii) in cases involving persons who have arrived at the border without documentation; or
    (iii) in other emergency cases, usually with an exceptional humanitarian element.

Effective 29/11/2010


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