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U5.15 Private training establishments (29/11/2010)

  1. Private training establishments may offer course places to foreign students provided the course meets the criteria for one in which a foreign student may be enrolled in accordance with the provisions of the Education Act 1989 (see sections 232 and 233).
  2. The definition of a foreign student is contained in section 159 of the Education Act 1989.
  3. The primary requirements for satisfying sections 232 and 233 of the Education Act 1989, in respect of courses of study are that:
    1. the private training establishment providing the course has been registered by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, and
    2. the course is an approved course, and
    3. the private training establishment has been accredited to provide the course.

Note: These requirements apply to all courses with the exception of those courses that are exempt as provided for in section 232(2) of the Education Act 1989.

Effective 29/11/2010


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