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U5.10 Primary and secondary schools (private)

  1. Private schools registered under section 35A of the Education and Training Act 2020 may offer places to foreign students on a fee-paying basis and are not obliged to place other students first.
  2. Where foreign students are enrolled in a programme of study intended exclusively or mainly for foreign students that class or programme of study must be approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (see section 524 Education and Training Act 2020).

Effective 31/07/2022


U5.1 Status of education providers and programmes

U5.5 Primary and secondary schools (state and integrated)

U5.15 Private training establishments

U5.20 Tertiary institutions (Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of Education, Wananga)

U5 Courses of study available to foreign students (13/01/2014)


U5.10 Primary and secondary schools (private) (02/12/2013)

U5.10 Primary and secondary schools (private) (29/11/2010)

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