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Arriving by cruise ship

If you plan to arrive in New Zealand by cruise ship and do not have a visa, you must hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority).

Before you join your cruise

If you do not have a visa you must have an NZeTA before you join your cruise.

Information about NZeTA

If you are flying into New Zealand to join your cruise, you must have:

Visa waiver countries and territories

Explore visa options for visiting

If you have a visa, you do not need an NZeTA.

Australian permanent residents

If you are an Australian permanent resident you must request an NZeTA before you travel to New Zealand.

Who does not need a visa or an NZeTA

If you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen you do not need a visa or an NZeTA.

Travellers who do not need an NZeTA

New Zealand traveller declaration

All cruise travellers arriving in New Zealand need to complete a New Zealand Traveller Declaration (NZTD).

The NZTD asks questions about your travel, including customs, immigration and biosecurity information. It aims to improve the safety and security of New Zealand. Find out how to complete an NZTD on the NZTD website.

New Zealand Traveller Declaration for cruise travellers — NZTD website

Checking in for your cruise

When you check in for your cruise you need to show evidence of your NZeTA or visa to check-in staff. This can be:

Arriving in New Zealand by cruise ship

When you arrive at your first New Zealand port you will be deemed to hold a visitor visa. This expires 28 days after the ship arrives at its first port of entry in New Zealand or when the ship leaves — whichever happens first.

We will check you meet our entry permission and good character requirements.

Arriving in New Zealand

Good character for temporary visas

Changing your cruise plans

If you leave your cruise to fly out of New Zealand, or to stay on in New Zealand, you need to apply for a visa.

Explore and select a visa

If you are flying out from New Zealand you must show evidence of your onward travel arrangements such as a flight ticket out of New Zealand.