I can't save details into my Expression of Interest

The Expression of Interest form online has several fields where you can type in text.

These text boxes have a character limit (including spaces) of between 500 and 5000 characters, as specified below:                

  • B20 (Character) 5000
  • C7 (Health) 5000
  • D2 (English) 500
  • E4 (Skilled Employment) 3000
  • G1 (Work Experience) 3000

The following tips may help you with saving your information:

  • If typing text directly to the text box, you can only type to the maximum limit (as specified in the table above). There will be no error message once you reach the maximum.
  • If copying and pasting text, you can paste text that is beyond the maximum limit but only the maximum limit will be accepted and stored when you save the text. There will be no error message to say you exceeded the maximum.
  • If copying and pasting text with formatting (such as bold, italics, font size, special spacing etc), this will be automatically removed when saving the text. We recommend only plain text to be placed into the text box to avoid receiving an error message for those formatting attributes not accepted by the system.
  • Only special characters shown on the keyboard are accepted (E.g. ?/*--=[]\;',./">!@#$%^&*()_+{}|:"<>?/*--=[]\;',./). All other characters may result in an error message when you save the text.
  • Tab spacing within text is not accepted, it must be removed before copying and pasting into the text box otherwise it will result in an error message when saving. Copy and pasting to and from a text editor or note pad does not remove tab spacing, it may only remove other formatting attributes such as bold, italics, font size, spacing etc.
  • Using bullet points creates spaces between lines and those spaces are counted toward character limit


I have entered my family member's details in Section T but the information doesn't save. What am I doing wrong?

The Question in T1 is Do you have other family members who are not included in this application? , the answer must be a "YES" so that whatever information you entered in T2. Give details of ALL your family members...'will be saved in the form.