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How do I start an online Expression of Interest and submit it?

To start an online Expression of Interest (EOI), you must first register for this service.

Register an EOI account

Once you have registered and then logged in to your personal immigration web page, you will be able to create an EOI.

If you are experiencing problems starting the online EOI application, or with misbehaving links, check the internet browser you are using.

We recommend that you use Internet Explorer Version 8 or above when using the Immigration New Zealand online service.

Other internet browsers may produce erratic results when interacting with the online EOI tool.

Your Online EOI will only be ready for submitting if all of the sections in your summary are shown as completed.

If this is the case, a new button will appear in the top left corner of the page, called 'Submit'.

Once you click on this 'Submit' button, the payment button will appear, which will allow you to make a payment manually or online.

For manual payments, print the manual payment form, attach your bank cheque, bank draft or credit card details and post it to the address listed on the payment form. Cheques are payable to Immigration New Zealand.

For online payments, have your credit card ready before clicking on the payment button.

I've completed all the sections but there is still no submit button

Have you already submitted an EOI or other online application from your online account? If you have, you will be unable to submit a second EOI or application from the same account.

To submit another EOI online you must create a second online account (with a different username) and submit the EOI from that account.

I have submitted my Expression of Interest, but I am having problems with the payment

The payment button appears only after you have submitted your EOI. When you click on this button, you will be allowed to choose between a 'manual' and an 'online' payment option.

If you select the 'online' payment option, you will be directed to the secured online banking site of the Westpac Bank.

The online payment service only accepts payments using Visa and MasterCard. It will also accept UnionPay and debit cards. Diners Card, American Express, Eftpos and other bankcards are not acceptable.

If you select the 'manual' payment option, you will be prompted to print off your manual payment form. Complete this form, attach your payment and post it to the address listed. Your EOI status will continue to show 'Payment Pending' until your payment has been fully processed. You will be notified once the payment has been processed and ready for the next available EOI selection.