Pacific Access Category and Samoan Quota online registration

Use this form to register online for the Samoan Quota (SQ) or Pacific Access Category (PAC) ballots.


The ballot is closed. The next ballot will be in 2024.

The draw for the 2023 Samoan Quota and Pacific Access Category takes place on 6 October 2023. The list of successful registrants’ reference numbers will be available on our website from 20 October 2023.

The Pacific Access Category (PAC) ballot will allow up to 500 Fijian, 500 Tongan, 150 i-Kiribati and 150 Tuvaluan citizens to get New Zealand residence this year. 
Pacific Access Category Resident Visa

The Samoan Quota (SQ) ballot will allow up to 1650 Samoan citizens to get New Zealand residence this year. 
Samoan Quota Resident Visa

The principal registrant for the ballot – this is you or the person you are registering on behalf of – must be aged between 18 and 45 on the registration closing date.


A person can only be included in 1 registration form during the registration period. This means that if you, or any member of your immediate family that you have included in your registration, are included in another registration within the same registration period, the second registration will not be accepted into the ballot.

If a person included in the registration is in New Zealand, that person must hold a valid visa. If the person does not hold a valid visa, INZ cannot accept the registration.

Registration fees

There is no fee to register for the SQ.

The fees to register for the PAC are:

  • NZD$85.00 — first registration
  • NZD$35.00 — if you have registered before.

You can pay the fee with a Visa or Mastercard credit or debit card after completing the registration form.

Documents you need to upload

You must upload a copy of your birth certificate.

If you are including family members you must upload copies of their birth certificates.

Registration opening and closing times

Registrations for both the PAC and SQ ballots opened at 08:00 New Zealand Standard Time (NZST) on 1 August 2023. Registrations will close at 17:00 NZST on 31 August 2023.