Video — Skilled Migrant Category and Residence from Work

This is a quick guide on applying for a resident visa in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa or Residence from Work category, which includes the Long Term Skill Shortage List Resident Visa, Talent (Accredited Employer) Resident Visa, Talent (Arts, Culture, Sports) Resident Visa, South Island Contribution Resident Visa and the Religious Worker Resident Visa.

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This is a quick guide to applying for a resident visa in New Zealand under the Skilled Migrant Category or Residence from Work category. This begins with your expression of interest where you tell us about yourself.

Your expression of interest is assessed on a points system. You can find the minimum number of points needed on our website.

If you have the required number of points, you can submit an expression of interest via our website.

If you meet the required number of points, your Expression of Interest will be selected and assessed in the next possible draw. You can find out when the next draw will be on our website.

If we decide that you meet the criteria, we will email you an invitation to apply for residence.

If you are not selected, you can remain in the expression of interest pool for a maximum of 6 months. After that 6 months, it will expire.

When you are invited to apply, you will have four months to submit your application.

If you are already in New Zealand, it is your responsibility to ensure you remain on a valid temporary visa while you wait for us to decide your residence application. You might need to apply for a new temporary visa if your current one is due to expire.

We use a priority system to help us choose which applications to process first. If you meet the official criteria, your application will be prioritised. If not, it will take longer.

You can keep checking our website for the latest timeframes. You don’t need to contact us. The time it takes us to allocate applications for processing is updated fortnightly on our website.

Processing times

Applying for residence is a serious process and follows the New Zealand Residence Programme’s planning range set by the Government. There are many checks to undertake so processing will take time. The actual length of time depends on each application and the information and factors that are needed to take into consideration for assessment. We won’t be able to confirm how long it will take to process your application.

This has been a quick guide to the process. More detailed information can be found at the Immigration New Zealand website.