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BJ3.15 Definitions (22/05/2017)

BJ3.15.1 Growth investments

For the purposes of these instructions, growth investments are defined as acceptable investments, see (BJ3.10.25), other than:

  1. bonds; and
  2. philanthropic investments.

Note: For the purpose of growth investments, convertible notes are considered to be bonds.

BJ3.15.5 Commercial Property

For the purposes of Investor 1 Category instructions, commercial property is considered to be an acceptable investment if:

  1. the property(ies) is not residential or for domestic use; and
  2. the property(ies) is used for business purposes, in that it is:
    1. capable of a commercial return; and
    2. not used for land banking ; and
  3. the purpose of the commercial property investments must be to make a commercial return on the open market; and
  4. neither the family, relatives, nor anyone associated with the principal applicant may reside in the development; and
  5. if a new development, the property(ies) must have been approved and gained any required consents by any relevant regulatory authorities (including local authorities).

Note: Commercial property can include empty land if plans for development are submitted to regulatory authorities and/or work has commenced.

BJ3.15.10 Philanthropic Investments

  1. For Philanthropic investments to be considered acceptable, a Business Immigration Specialist must be satisfied the investment is genuine (see (b) below) and is in:
    1. a registered charity with at least two years annual returns and Inland Revenue donee status; or
    2. a not-for-profit organisation that provides social, cultural or economic benefits approved by the Business Migration Branch Operations Manager.
  2. In determining whether a philanthropic investment is genuine, the factors a Business Immigration Specialist may consider include, but are not limited to:
    1. the length of time the entity has been operating; and
    2. the constitutional arrangement of the entity; and
    3. the entity’s track record.

Effective 22/05/2017


BJ3.15 Definitions (19/06/2017)

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