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E4.60 Payment of the fee (02/12/2013)

  1. Principal applicants must pay the fee specified for that type of application at the time the application is lodged, unless:
    1. the fee is waived by special direction under section 395 of the Immigration Act 2009 or by regulation; or
    2. the principal applicant is a citizen of a country with which New Zealand has a fee waiver agreement covering visas (see A6.5).
    3. the principal applicant holds a diplomatic or official passport and meets the criteria set out at A6.1.
  2. The fee payable for an application is determined by the principal applicant's country of citizenship.
  3. A receiving office is an INZ office or authorised New Zealand Visa Application Centre (VAC) or Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) post designated for receiving applications from particular countries. Receiving Offices can be found on the INZ website.
  4. If a principal applicant is resident in a country other than their country of citizenship, they may lodge their application at the office designated for receiving applications from the country in which they are residing, but the fee payable will be determined by their country of citizenship.
  5. If the principal applicant is in New Zealand and lodges an application in New Zealand, the fee payable for the application is the fee payable for applications lodged in New Zealand, regardless of the principal applicant's citizenship.
  6. Fees may be paid by bank or personal cheque, as well as by money order (from registered banks), credit card or EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale), if these forms of payment are acceptable to the INZ office or VAC or MFAT office at which an application is lodged.
  7. Cash is not an acceptable form of payment, with the exception of the following INZ offices: Beijing, Dubai, Jakarta, Moscow, and Shanghai.
  8. Cheques for applications lodged at INZ offices in New Zealand should be made out to "Immigration New Zealand'.
  9. Fees for applications that may be lodged otherwise than on an approved form through the INZ Online Service may only be paid by means of either a MasterCard or Visa credit card.
  10. Detailed information on fee amounts in New Zealand dollars can be found at
  11. Fees may not be imposed on claimants for any matter relating to refugee or protection status.

Effective 02/12/2013


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