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Germany Exceptions (27/01/2014)

The trade qualifications in Table A may be awarded the points indicated where:

  • the qualification is relevant to an occupation in Part B of the List of Skilled Occupations at Appendix 6; and
  • the applicant also provides evidence of completing an apprenticeship in Table B.

Table A


Awarded by a Berufsschule or Berufsfachbschule

Level in NZ terms

Points under SMC

Abschlußzeugnis (Leaving certificate / certificate of completion)

(Abschlusszeugnis der Berufsschule) (Certificate of a vocational school)

Berufsschulabschluß (Vocational school degree)



If an applicant believes their qualification may be higher than the level stated, they should apply to NZQA for an International Qualification Assessment.

- Award certificates must be provided in their original language for all qualifications.
- If any courses leading to the award of one of the qualifications listed in Table A were studied at any institution outside of Germany, including any German overseas campuses, or any study was cross-credited towards the listed qualifications, please refer the qualification to NZQA for an International Qualification Assessment.
- All qualifications awarded after 2013 should be referred to NZQA for an International Qualification.

Table B

Apprenticeship Certificates **

The applicant provides evidence of completing an apprenticeship by providing any one of the following certificates: awarded between 1980 and 2013 by a Industrie- und Handelskammer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) or a Handwerkskammer (Chamber of Crafts)

  • Gesellenbrief / Gesellenbriefe (Apprenticeship / Journeyman)
  • Gesellenprüfung (Trade test) / Gesellenprufüngzeugnis (Trade test certificate)
  • Facharbeiterbrief / Facharbeiterbriefe (Craft certificate)

** An official stamp on the apprenticeship documents will state the chamber name and the German State of jurisdiction. The apprenticeship documents must state one of the following crafts / trades.

  • Brunnenbauer (Well-sinker)
  • Dachdecker (Roofer)
  • Elektromaschinenbauer (Electrical machine engineer)
  • Elektrotechniker (Electrical engineer)
  • feinwerkmechaniker (Precision engineer)
  • Gerüstbauer (Scaffolder)
  • Glaser (Glazier)
  • Informationstechniker (Communication technician)
  • Installateur und Heizungsbauer (Installer and heating fitter)
  • kälteanlagenbauer (Refrigeration mechanic)
  • Karosserie- und Fahrzeugbauer (Coachbuilder /Body and vehicle manufacturer)
  • Klempner (Plumber)
  • kraftfahrzeugtechniker (Automotive mechatronics Technician /Motor vehicle mechanic)
  • Landmaschinenmechaniker (Mechanic for agricultural and construction machinery)
  • Maler und Lackierer (Painter and varnisher)
  • Maurer und Betonbauer (Bricklayer and concrete worker)
  • Metallbauer (Metal worker)
  • Ofen- und Luftheizungsbauer (Stove and air heating mechanic)
  • Steinmetz und Steinbildhauer (Stonemason)
  • Straßenbauer (Road construction worker)
  • Stuckateur (Plasterer)
  • Tischler (Joiner)
  • Vulkaniseur und Reifenmechaniker (Mechanic for tyres and vulcanisation)
  • Wärme-, Kälte- und Schallschutzisolierer (Thermal and acoustic insulation fitter / heat cold and noise insulation)
  • Zimmerer (Carpenter)

Effective 27/01/2014


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