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SM14.35 NZQA Pre-Assessment Results (PARs),... (to 27/08/2017)

Note: The instructions in this section cease to be effective from 28/08/2017.

SM14.35 NZQA Pre-Assessment Results (PARs), International Qualification Assessments (IQAs) and Qualifications Assessment Reports (QARs)

  1. The NZQA will provide Pre-Assessment Results (PARs), and International Qualification Assessments (IQAs) (formerly a Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR)).
  2. A Pre-Assessment Result is a report that compares an applicant's nominated qualification to a Level on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. It is made on the understanding that:
    1. a pre-assessment result is based solely on unverified information provided by the applicant on the application form; and
    2. no documentation is sighted; and
    3. only one overseas qualification is compared; and
    4. when an application for a resident visa is made, a full assessment (a IQA or QAR) will be required to determine whether a qualification (or group of qualifications) will qualify for points.
  3. An International Qualification Assessment (IQA) (formerly a Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR)).
    1. assesses an overseas qualification (or group of qualifications) by stating the learning outcomes of the closest New Zealand equivalent qualification; and
    2. states the New Zealand Qualifications Framework of New Zealand Quality Assured Qualifications level of that equivalent qualifications; and
    3. refers to any verification of the applicant's qualifications undertaken by the NZQA.

      Note: From 27 June 2008 the Qualifications Assessment Report (QAR) has been renamed 'International Qualification Assessment' (IQA). Both IQAs and QARs are acceptable as evidence to determine whether a qualification will qualify for points.

Effective 29/11/2010

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