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R7.1 When confirmation is required

People in New Zealand who hold, or are deemed to hold, a residence class visa may need to confirm their residence class visa if, for example:

  • they have lost their original passport and wish to have a residence class visa label placed in their new one; or
  • they are applying to the Department of Internal Affairs for New Zealand citizenship; or
  • they never obtained a visa or permit on arrival; or
  • they hold a permit granted under the Immigration Act 1964 or the Immigration Act 1987.

R7.1.1 Applicants who arrived before 2 April 1974

See also Immigration Act 2009 s 415

See also Immigration Act 1987 s 44

Applicants who arrived lawfully before 2 April 1974 for the purpose of permanent residence and did not receive residence permits, and who need to satisfy an immigration officer that they are deemed to hold a resident visa under section 415 of the Immigration Act 2009, may have their resident visa confirmed if they:

  1. were not issued a permit or entry authority under the Immigration Act 1964 or any earlier corresponding Act; and
  2. have been in New Zealand continuously from 2 April 1974 and until at least 31 October 1987, apart from any period or periods spent in:
    1. the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau; or
    2. Australia (if during any such period they were Commonwealth citizens or citizens of the Republic of Ireland, and were able to live in either New Zealand or Australia without restriction); and
  3. were in New Zealand at midnight on 31 October 1987; and
  4. were not exempt under the Immigration Act 1987 from having to hold a residence permit.

Effective 29/11/2010

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