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F2.35 Deferring the final decision if the partnership is genuine and stable but less than 12 months duration (to 08/05/2017)

Note: These instructions cease to be effective from 8 May 2017.

  1. An application can only be deferred if the applicant has been assessed as living together in a genuine and stable partnership with their New Zealand citizen or resident partner but the 12 month qualifying period has not been met.
  2. If, after assessing an application, an immigration officer is satisfied the couple are living together in a partnership that is genuine and stable, but the duration of that partnership is less than the 12 months required, (see F2.5(a)) they may defer the final decision to enable the qualifying period to be met.
  3. If the principal applicant wishes to be in New Zealand with their partner during the deferral period, they may be granted a work visa (once an application has been made) for a period sufficient to enable the qualifying period to be met and any further assessment of their residence class visa application to be completed.

Effective 29/11/2010

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