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       W1 Objective
      Expand W2 Applying for and obtaining a work visa or permit
      Expand WD Study to work policy
      Expand WE Student and trainee work policy
      Expand WF Family stream work policy
       WG General work policy (to 28/07/08)
      Collapse WH Horticulture and Viticulture Seasonal Work
         Expand WH1 Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) Policy
         Expand WH2 Working Holidaymaker Extension Policy
          WH3 Transitioning to Recognised Seasonal Employer (TRSE) (to 27/07/2009)
         Expand WH4 Supplementary Seasonal Employment (SSE)
      Expand WI International/Humanitarian work policy
      Expand WJ Crew of foreign chartered fishing vessels
      Expand WK Essential Skills work policy
      Expand WL Silver Fern Work Policies
      Expand WM Ministers of religion, missionaries...
      Expand WR Work to residence policy
      Expand WS Specific Purpose or Event Policy
       Work Visa and Permit Section (before 29 April 2002)
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