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WH1.25 Requirements for acceptable medical...

WH1.25 Requirements for acceptable medical insurance under RSE policy

WH1.25.1 Minimum requirements for acceptable medical insurance under RSE policy

Workers employed under RSE policy must hold health insurance which:

  1. is provided by a company with
    1. representation in New Zealand; and
    2. experience in health and/or travel insurance business; and
    3. a credit rating of no lower than A from Standard and Poors or B+ from AM Best;
  2. guarantees to cover the full costs of:
    1. all medical expenses including diagnosis and treatment, prescribed medicines, ambulance, hospital and post hospital discharge care, home nursing care; and
    2. emergency dental care, including provision of antibiotics and treatment for the relief of sudden and acute pain; and
    3. evacuation/return home in the event of serious illness or disability; and
    4. return of remains to the country of origin in the event of death;
  3. is provided by a company which will inform the Department of Labour if the insurance is cancelled or lapsed, excluding cancellation or lapse because the worker has left New Zealand.

WH1.25.5 Allowable exclusions for acceptable medical insurance under RSE policy

Despite WH1.25.1 (b) above, acceptable medical insurance under RSE policy may exclude costs related to:

  1. suicide, attempted suicide; or
  2. sexually transmitted disease; or
  3. any situation or action when under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs; or
  4. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and/or HIV– related illness including Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); or
  5. childbirth or pregnancy unless they arise from medical complications that occur before the end of the 24th week of pregnancy; or
  6. pre-existing conditions.

WH1.25.10 Evidence of acceptable medical insurance under RSE policy

Applicants must provide evidence of holding, or approval for, acceptable medical insurance.

Effective 30/11/2009

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