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immigration adviser

From policy: A18.5 Definition of 'immigration adviser'

A18.5 Definition of ‘immigration adviser’

Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 ss 5 and 7

Immigration adviser means a person who provides immigration advice. Immigration advice:

  1. means using, or purporting to use, knowledge of or experience in immigration to advise, direct, assist, or represent another person in regard to an immigration matter relating to New Zealand, whether directly or indirectly and whether or not for gain or reward; but
  2. does not include:
    1. providing information that is publicly available, or that is prepared or made available by the Department; or
    2. directing a person to the Minister or the Department, or to an immigration officer, a visa officer, or a refugee status officer (within the meaning of the Immigration Act 1987), or to a list of licensed immigration advisers; or
    3. carrying out clerical work, translation or interpreting services, or settlement services.

An immigration adviser can act as an agent on behalf of their immigration client.

Note: ‘Agent’ means any individual authorised to act on behalf of the applicant or registrant or sponsor or employer. It includes, but is not limited to, lawyers, consultants and representatives.

Effective 04/05/2009

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