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List of ANZSCO occupations treated as an exception

We use ANZSCO Version 1.2 to assess the skill level of most occupations. Occupations that have a higher skill level in ANZSCO Version 1.3 are treated as exceptions.


The following information only applies if you received an invitation to apply for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa before 9 October 2023.

Occupations treated as exceptions

When we award skilled employment points for Skilled Migrant Resident Visas, occupations on this list will be treated as being skill level 1 to 3 — but only if you are paid at least the New Zealand median wage of NZD $29.66 an hour, or the equivalent yearly salary.

Wage rate requirements for visas


If you already hold a work visa, the skill level of your job will remain the same for the duration of your visa.

ANZSCO code and occupation

421111 Child Care Worker

421112 Family Day Care Worker

421114 Out of School Hours Care Worker

422116 Teachers' Aide

423411 Child or Youth Residential Care Assistant

423413 Refuge Worker

451111 Beauty Therapist

451412 Tour Guide

451612 Travel Consultant

451811 Civil Celebrant

452211 Bungy Jump Master

452212 Fishing Guide

452213 Hunting Guide

452214 Mountain or Glacier Guide

452215 Outdoor Adventure Instructor

452216 Trekking Guide

452217 Whitewater Rafting Guide

452299 Outdoor Adventure Guides nec

551211 Bookkeeper

552111 Bank Worker

552211 Credit or Loans Officer

711211 Industrial Spraypainter

711311 Paper Products Machine Operator

711313 Sawmilling Operator

711611 Sewing Machinist

711711 Footwear Production Machine Operator

711712 Hide and Skin Processing Machine Operator

711713 Knitting Machine Operator

711714 Textile Dyeing and Finishing Machine Operator

711715 Weaving Machine Operator

711716 Yarn Carding and Spinning Machine Operator

711799 Textile and Footwear Production Machine Operators nec

712111 Crane, Hoist or Lift Operator

712916 Paper and Pulp Mill Operator

712921 Waste Water or Water Plant Operator

721112 Logging Plant Operator

721913 Paving Plant Operator

731311 Train Driver

821711 Construction Rigger

423313 Personal Care Assistant

452311 Diving Instructor (Open Water)

591212 Import-Export Clerk

599611 Insurance Investigator

599612 Insurance Loss Adjuster

423111 Aged or Disabled Carer

423312 Nursing Support Worker

712211 Driller

899911 Bicycle Mechanic