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Evidence of family violence for victims of family violence visas

You can provide any of these types of evidence to show you are a family violence victim when you apply for a victim of family violence visa.

Police complaint

This is a complaint made by you or someone else to the New Zealand Police where the Police have accepted that you or your dependent child has faced family violence.

Final Protection Order

This is a Final Protection Order against the New Zealand partner or person you were living in a family relationship with.


You automatically get a final Protection Order after:

Protection Orders | New Zealand Police

Police conviction

This is a New Zealand police conviction for family violence committed against you or your dependent child by:

Statutory Declaration

This is a written document completed in front of an authorised witness.

You must provide 3 statutory declarations saying you are a victim of family violence. These include:

Making your own statutory declaration

When making your own statutory declaration, you can use a form or write it yourself.

Making a statutory declaration |

Getting statutory declarations from professionals

When you use professionals to make statutory declarations:

Professionals who can make statutory declarations for victims of family violence visas